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Survive turbulent times by being more effective, reducing costs and improving performance IBM is investing heavily in System z and DB2 and in making our vision of Information On Demand come to life. This can be seen by many examples around the world where IBM customers are achieving business growth by exploiting IBM System z technology. DB2 for z/OS is at the heart of Information On Demand. Your company has made large investments in applications based on System z and DB2. As growth and diversity of data rises, the need for DB2 to be smarter, more agile as well as stable and secure increases. This calls for new functionalities, internally and in supporting solutions, that enable you to utilize DB2 better and get benefits from your investment. One of the ‘hot’ areas in the near future is Data Warehousing, which has grown to be a mature business application. From being used in special departments for forecasts and trend analysis, we now are asked to provide information analysis and a mix of overviews and details in near real-time for large numbers of business users. Attend this one-day seminar and keep yourself up-to-date with how DB2 for z/OS, and surrounding applications, have and will evolve to help you solve your business issues. From an application support perspective, as well as for z/OS to stay the core technology for new application areas. There will also be an opportunity to have a sneak preview of DB2 X for z/OS. Welcome to an interesting and comprehensive day together with us and our experts! Agenda Register Now Limited Places
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