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Target Audience

This course is intended for systems programmers, DBAs, and anyone else who needs to understand Db2 for z/OS recovery in detail.

Duration 3 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

The course provides detailed coverage of Db2 for z/OS application data recovery, subsystem recovery and restart, and disaster recovery.  The course includes detailed hands on practical exercises.  The class is relevant to Db2 13 and any recent previous versions of the product.

Course Content

  1. Db2 Objects
  2. Physical Database Organisation
  3. Recovery Overview
  4. Db2 Utilities
  5. Standard Backup and Recovery
    Image Copy 
    Recovery and Index Recovery 
    Mergecopy and Report Recovery 
    Concurrent Copy and Inline Image Copies 
  6. Recovery Data
    Image Copies 
    Logs & BSDS 
    Log Records 
    Catalog & Directory
  7. Data Object States
    Display Database Command 
    Possible Statuses 
    Resetting States 
    Check Data, Check LOB, Check Index 
    Error Range and LPL
  8. Recovery to a Prior Point in Time
    Point of Consistency 
    Report Tablespaceset 
    Recovery to a POC 
    Recover Tocopy 
    Recover Logonly


  1. Recovery after Drop
    Problems Caused by Drop 
    Recovering the Data 
    Finding the Object IDs 
  2. Catalog & Directory Recovery
    Catalog & Directory Backup and Recovery 
    Point in Time Recovery 
    Work Database Recovery 
  3. Subsystem Shutdown & Restart
    Normal Shutdown 
    Fast Controlled Shutdown 
    Uncontrolled Shutdown 
    Restart Processing 
    Log Initialization 
    Current Status Rebuild 
    Two Phase Commit 
    Forward and Backward Log Recovery 
    Postponed Abort and Deferred Restart 
    Resolving In-Doubt URs
  4. Log and BSDS Failures
    Active and Archive Log Errors 
    BSDS Failures 
    Print Log Map Utility 
    Change Log Inventory Utility 
    Log Failures on Restart 
    Conditional Restart
  5. Disaster Recovery
    System Wide POC
    Volume Dump POC
    Flash Copy
    Using Log Suspend 
    DB2 POC 
    Copying Archive Logs
    Recovery to Last Log 
    Utilities In Flight 
    DB2 Synchronisation with CICS and IMS 
    Fallback Options 
    Tracker Site 
    IBM GDPS Concepts and Solutions Overview


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