This CICS INTERNALS course covers up to and including CICS 6.1.

Upon completion, attendees will be able to describe the internal structure of CICS. All the major Domains will be covered, and the attendee will understand how to analyse the File Control and Enqueue structures. Storage Management is covered and the attendee will be able to describe what the causes are of storage violations and how to locate and resolve them. CICS Tracing is covered, as well as a session on using IPCS to analyse the CICS System dumps.  A workshop is included and a Storage Violation is created and the attendees will be able to use IPCS to analyze the dump taken. An Enqueue on a VSAM file is also created and IPCS is used to find the Enqueue. Attendees will have a CICS 6.1 system for the workshop.

Course Outline

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